Olive leaf - small Wheat Bag

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Olive leaf - small Wheat Bag

This small wheat pillow is perfect for relieving tension and or headaches by placing over the eyes, forehead or neck. 

Ideal To be used in relaxation or meditation techniques. 

Hand Made, using organic Wheat and a small amount of calming essential oils. 

Aprox 27- 9cm 

Place across eyes or forehead at room temperature or 

Slightly heat in the microwave for 10 – 20 seconds or Chill in the freezer (Place in a plastic bag or zip lock bag before placing in the freezer to avoid freezer burn and food smells from entering your eye pillow)

Store in a zip lock bag as it helps retain the aromatic fragrance for longer as well.

NOTE: the fragrance doesn’t last forever, however they can be enhanced with a drop of essential oil.